Lake Powell

Floating Memories on Lake Powell

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By Dixie Brunner

A lake in the middle of the desert? It’s a great place to ‘Get Busy Living!’ Lake Powell offers everything from stunning vistas, boat travel, hiking and quiet family vacations, to fine amenities, extreme sports and a great partying atmosphere. Football teams, important corporate executives and the rich and famous; as well as  retirees, recreational enthusiasts and casual family travelers, come to Lake Powell to experience the amazing setting and plethora of vacation experiences.  When viewing this enormous body of water straddling the Utah/Arizona border, you realize Lake Powell is unarguably one of the most beautiful in the world. Its geographic setting amid the arid, desert countryside makes it the “ocean” of the western states. The immediate countryside leading to Lake Powell has the mysterious look of moonscape. Large, wind-hewn mountains, scattered boulders and deep crevices mark every turn.  Lake Powell was named after explorer John Wesley Powell, who was one of the first to navigate the Colorado River. The lake possesses more shoreline than the Pacific Coast of the United States. The lake, with a dramatic backdrop of Navajo Mountain, was created when the Glen Canyon Dam was built. A huge power plant was constructed to harness the awesome energy of the Colorado River as it begins its impressive journey down the Grand Canyon. Lake Powell is probably first and foremost a boater’s adventure paradise. Most people will tell you the only way to really “experience” the lake is by boat. Aquatic access can offer you the opportunity to view such natural wonders as Hole-in-the-Rock and Rainbow Bridge (the largest natural stone span in the world). You may choose to rent a houseboat to explore the myriad of secret coves and canyons, where 200 to 300 foot rock walls tower above you. Lone Rock is the first stop travelers should make when going from Kanab to Lake Powell. Lone Rock is named for the large mountain of rock rising out of the calm lake water.  With miles of sandy access, the serene beach seems the logical place to unwind after a hot drive. Lone Rock Beach offers swimming, boating access, beach front camping, and remarkably pristine sand. Restrooms are available.    A quick word of caution - in your hurry to dip your toes in the refreshing waters of Lone Rock, proceed carefully. The same beautiful sand that’s appealing to beach worshippers, is also a nightmare for your vehicle! Park on hard ground! Nearby, the full service Wahweap Marina offers all the amenities a traveler needs to fully enjoy the Lake Powell. If you’re planning to boat on Lake Powell, seek the advice of local experts to direct you on the best sights to see.

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Water being released from the Glen Canyon Dam that holds back Lake Powell. Photo by Barry Glazier.

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