Amazing Earthfest!

Celebrating Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest

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By Rich Csenge

Plan your vacation to attend Kane County, Utah’s unforgettable festival of learning, discovery and adventure, May 11 through May 17, 2014. The annual Amazing Earthfest is a one-of-a-kind, must-see celebration of land and life in the intermountain west! Local residents and visitors from around the nation and internationally make Kanab their destination during the third week of May for a full week of fascinating educational and experiential events. Focused on the myriad wonders found in southern Utah’s color country, the annual Amazing Earthfest is unique. No other region offers such an incredible density of beautiful scenery with an abundance of professional naturalists managing nationally treasured landscapes! Offering over 50 exciting and inspiring events in a single week, Amazing Earthfest will increase your ecological awareness and appreciation for nature with events on wildlife, dinosaurs, hiking, geology, resource management, archaeology, local culture and pioneer heritage, performance arts, films and live entertainment. Specialists in botany, geology, forestry, paleontology and wildlife lead events both indoors and outdoors in the national parks, forests, monuments, and on public lands. In the company of a specialist, you’ll experience how the marvelous and delicately balanced ecosystems of southern Utah and the Arizona Strip support the rich tapestry of life in the high deserts and plateaus of the American Southwest. Embark on an adventure guided by an archaeologist to discover and appreciate an extraordinary Native American cultural site revealing pre-historic conditions, lifestyles, and wisdom traditions that have evolved here over thousands of years. Attend a presentation on alternative building techniques, city beautification, or municipal trail development. Participate in a group cycling event, hike, horseback, or ATV ride. Share in a day of spring trail maintenance on a national forest with a team of rangers. The events of Amazing Earthfest explore ideas, history, natural sciences, artistic creativity, land ethics, human society, community conservation, and economics that stimulate conversation about stewardship of our planet’s natural resources, and responsibility to future generations. At Amazing Earthfest, families and individuals expand personal relationships with each other and with nature. Through traditional stories and with telescopes for night-sky viewing, journey into the beyond to enhance your understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos. See contemporary award-winning documentary films, hear live performances by musicians and poets, and view exhibits of original work by regional artists. Please mark your calendar for May 11-17 to join in this exceptional celebration of land and life on the Colorado Plateau. Enjoy the welcoming hospitality of area service providers. All events are open to the public and most are free of charge. Pick up your Amazing Earthfest Schedule of Events at the Kane County Office of Tourism, 78 South 100 East, and at visitor centers and businesses throughout the region, or go online at Southern Utah’s annual Amazing Earthfest makes Kane County a destination for discovery, exploration and adventure!

Amazing Earthfest! : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

Amazing Earthfest is a week-long celebration of the beautiful area we live in. Photo by Martin Feely..

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