Amazing Earthfest!

Southern Utah’s Magical Amazing Earthfest

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By Rich Csenge

Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest begins its 12th consecutive festival year with seven days of fascinating experiential learning, outdoor adventure, arts, science, community building and award winning documentary film events, May 13-19, 2018. Mark your calendars now.

Amazing Earthfest! : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

Hikes are one of the highlights of Amazing Earthfest. Photo by Lisa Ladd.

In the undiscovered beauty spot that is Kanab, Utah, where America’s cherished public lands envelop the city, thousand foot high vermilion cliffs adorn its northern reaches. Rugged geologic features and the astonishing color of the landscape beckon visitors attending the events of Amazing Earthfest to begin each day with a guided hike.

Names like Moccasin Mountain, the Huntress Slot, Paria Box and South Fork Indian Canyon tantalize and evoke the imagination, setting expectations for a memorable experience. Add a confident hiking guide, with deep knowledge of local routes, historic trails, dinosaurs or Native American rock art, and you have the beginnings of a great day in the making!

Here’s an educational community festival celebrating America’s national and state parks, national forests, monuments and public lands, not with things to buy, but with things to do, with experiential learning events to enrich the spirit, inspire wonder and a deeper understanding of the natural world. Beginning on Mother’s Day each year, it’s a distinctive festival featuring some 30 events of remarkable interest.

Earthfest began with a visionary concept in 2007 that wild federal lands managed in trust for and accessible to all Americans could catalyze civil and personal healing. It thrives on contributions of inspiration, knowledge and expertise in earth sciences, wildlife, Native cultures, land management, the arts, humanities and more from a cadre of committed individuals who care for earth’s natural wonders, the ancient artifacts of prehistoric human existence and the myriad creatures living here on the Colorado Plateau. That’s the caliber and those are the interests of people in Utah who weave the preservation of wild nature into their daily lives. Perhaps this is what exemplifies and distinguishes southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest.

So join up with a BLM archaeologist or paleontologist, connect with a historian or forest ranger to commemorate our National Historic and Scenic Trails, absorb the insights of local poets, get out on the trail with a hiking guide or wildlife biologist, experience the solitude and majesty of Utah’s wild waterways with a veteran river rafter, take in award-winning documentary films, and relish starry night skies with an astronomer. Delve into what makes a wilderness irreplaceable. Attend one of three classical piano recitals around southwest Utah: the 12th annual Amazing Earthfest offers all this in a rural setting with great hospitality, fine restaurants and limitless destinations for self-directed exploration close at hand.

Volunteer opportunities are available. Make your travel plans and reservations now!

Visit for event information, find us on Facebook or call 435-644-3735.

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