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By Dixie Brunner

Welcome to one the most beautiful and fun-filled travel destinations in the world! Okay, I admit we southern Utah and northern Arizona residents are prejudiced when it comes to the glorious place we call home, but visit here once and you’ll agree. National Geographic magazine named it one of the best 2014 spring travel destinations in the United States. But don’t limit yourself to just a spring visit, because the Kane County area is a must-see all four seasons of the year! This area offers visitors the perfect place to ‘re-create’ or ‘recreate’ memories! You can re-create memories by exploring the past, and imagining yourself in that time and place. What kid (or adult for that matter), doesn’t like dinosaurs? The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a treasure trove of prehistoric discoveries! Be sure to visit the BLM’s dinosaur museum in Big Water. Pioneer memories can be re-created with a visit to local historic homes, the LDS Family History Center, Kanab’s history museum, or the BLM pioneer museum in Cannonville. Silver screen memories are aplenty in southern Utah, where over 300 feature films were made, earning Kanab the title of “Little Hollywood.” Pretend you’re Butch Cassidy, a notorious gunslinger battling John Wayne, an alien from John Carter, or a riverboat gambler in Maverick. Stop in at Kanab’s Little Hollywood, look at the photos in Parry Lodge, which was once a famous haunt of the stars, or take your kids out to the former movie set location of Gunsmoke against a dramatic red rock backdrop. This destination especially shines if you want to ‘recreate’ memories. There are so many ways to actively explore, enjoy and recreate in the three national parks, two national monuments, one national recreation area and two state parks – all within 80 miles of Kanab! From mountain biking, hiking and horse riding; to photography, ATV riding, or camping; you might even try boating or swimming; or volunteering at Best Friends. There are simply more activities to participate in, than you have vacation time! And that’s the best part, because we want you to visit again! Recreate or re-create memories in beautiful southern Utah and northern Arizona.

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A great place to recreate memories – an Anasazi site in Angel Canyon. Photo by Jill Wiliams.

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