Kane County

‘Get Busy Living’ in Kane County

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By Dixie Brunner

The biggest challenge when traveling with friends or family is satisfying the unique, individual desires and expectations of each person of what a vacation should offer.

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Hiking in Kane County

There are plenty of places to ‘Get Busy Living’ in the Kane County area such as this hiker found out on a trek above Parunuweap Canyon on the East Fork of the Virgin River. Photo by Gary Palmer.

Some like viewing the scenery from the windshield of their car, while others enjoy studying the area''s geographic and pioneer history.

Still others like an action-packed physical experience like swimming, hiking, boating, biking, ATVing or horse-riding.

Whatever vacation stirs your blood, makes your trip more fulfilling, or creates a lifetime of special memories, is waiting right here for you in southern Utah.

We invite you to Get Busy Living in Kane County!

This area has something for everyone - without the crowds, traffic, pollution or shopping malls!

Adventure, fun and the most incredible scenery on the planet & who doesn't dream of that, and who wouldn''t want to have a vacation here?

The area''s rich history and colorful past are those of which novels are made. Be it dinosaurs, Indians, explorers, pioneers or movie-makers, the area has captured the imagination, and been the pursuit of many through the years.

The area''s scenic beauty is simply beyond compare. From broad-stretching mesas to clear mountain streams, from heart-racing river rapids to quiet chaparral views, it's all here to admire, learn about, and adventure into.

Don't be shy - Get Busy Living - and in doing so, make your vacation to the Kane County area a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


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