Moqui Cave

Moqui Cave Moves Into New Chapter

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By Dixie Brunner

Travelers might guess that Moqui Cave is a unique attraction, but a visit will quickly resolve any doubt! Moqui Cave, located just five and a half miles north of Kanab on Highway 89, is a museum of artifacts, fossils and history, depicting life in southern Utah spanning the centuries. The cave’s history is as interesting as its artifacts. A cool room in the back once housed a fully-operational tavern. It was open on Friday and Saturday evenings for dancing, food and drinks. The late Garth and Laura Chamberlain purchased the cave in 1951, rescuing it from many years of disuse. Putting a distinctively-memorable dinosaur entryway on the front, the cave attracted curious travelers to investigate the unusual museum. The Chamberlains, along with their five children who helped operate the cave, worked hard at making Moqui Cave a first class tourist attraction. That same goal has continued today by Garth and Laura’s daughter-in-law, LeeAnne Chamberlain. (Her husband Lex passed away four years ago.) Her son Tanner and his wife Andi are moving Moqui Cave into a new chapter, as they are now helping LeeAnne. The dinosaur front is gone, and a cliff dwelling facade like nearby Anasazi dwellings welcomes tourists to tour the museum, with the host providing fascinating historical commentary. Your imagination will be piqued when you enter the cool sandstone cave and see the large collection of dinosaur tracks that once inhabited the area. The cave also boasts one of the largest fluorescent and fossil mineral displays in the country. Other exhibits include Native American artifacts, with more than 1,000 arrowheads, ceremonial points, jugs, pots, bowls and working tools of the Anasazi-Navajo for the “Ancient Ones” from centuries ago. Moqui Cave also has a gift store in a side sandstone chamber which features items for purchase, including authentic Indian arts and crafts, jewelry, kachina dolls, rugs, pottery and turquoise. During the summer season, hours are 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Bus tours are welcome. For more information on Moqui Cave, visit

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The updated bar area at Moqui Cave. They are planning to serve drinks soon.

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