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Best Friends Gives 1600 Reasons to Stay Parked in Kanab

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By Barb Williamson

Kanab’s landscape alone makes you want to Stay Parked Here, but up the highway a mere five miles in Angel Canyon is the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary, where there are 1,600 more reasons to stay here longer!

Best Friends Animal Society : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

A volunteer plays with a rabbit at Best Friends. Photo by Best Friends Staff.

On any given day, about 1,600 animals call Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a home-between-homes. Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, pigs and other barnyard animals come here from all over the country, each and every one seeking a safe haven where they can find refuge, love and ultimately be adopted by a loving family.

Every inch of the Sanctuary – from the majestic red rocks to the spacious animal communities – is filled with hope and kindness shown by caregivers, thousands of volunteers and so many compassionate people like you.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary welcomes visitors year around (except for Christmas Day) and a variety of tours are available. There is the Grand Tour, which gives you the sense of the scale of the Sanctuary that sprawls out along a six-mile loop road and see the different areas dedicated to different species.

Which then leaves visitors hankering for more … in which case, come back for an in-depth tour. Seriously you could do a different tour every day of the week. And you really need at least a week to explore everything Kanab has to offer, including the Sanctuary, just saying.

At Dogtown you get to meet more dogs and hear about how each dog gets individual attention to help them be their best selves.

Ok, now you want to know more about how this Sanctuary has evolved over its 35-year history? Go behind the scenes at Old Dogtown and stroll the streets of the original Dogtown and see our canine friends.

At Cat World HQ you can meet more cats and also learn how Best Friends expert caregivers help our cats heal, thrive and get ready for their forever families.

Horse Haven and Marshall’s Piggy Paradise offer tours twice a week where you can see charismatic horses, goats and pigs. And on different days of the week Horse Haven offers natural horsemanship demonstrations – even if you never plan on sharing your life with a horse, seeing this gentle relationship-based training method is inspiring.

The Bunny House tour shows off rabbits and guinea pigs. There is way more to these engaging creatures than just being cute and soft.

At the Parrot Garden are the most colorful and the noisiest, and arguably the most intelligent, residents of the Sanctuary. Everything from parakeets and cockatiels to macaws are here. Whether they are living as an only bird or in an aviary, each one of these birds has their own story.

At Wild Friends you can meet ambassador animals who cannot be returned to the wild and hear about the work at Best Friends to rehabilitate and release native species. In addition, there are domestic birds such as pigeons, ducks, chickens, etc. who add character and quacks, clucks and coos to your day.

Register for your tours by visiting and click on “The Sanctuary.”

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