Best Friends Animal Society

A Truly Warm, Fuzzy Way to Refresh Your Soul Awaits at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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By Barb Williamson

The red rock canyon walls and open vistas surrounding Kanab just make you want to explore. It seems like at every turn there is a canyon drawing you in, or a bluff that makes you crane your neck to see what is at the top. Hidden or in plain sight, the unique geology of Kanab and Kane County seems to will magic into reality. And in the middle of all this is Angel Canyon, home to the nation’s largest no-kill refuge for homeless pets. The animals come to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary from animal shelters and rescue groups across the country for special care and training so they can be ready to be adopted into a loving home. Best Friends Animal Society is a leading force in the national effort to take this country – No-Kill by 2025 – saving every dog and cat in a shelter who can be saved. It means healing the animals that can be healed, treating behaviors that can be treated, and prioritizing safety and a high quality of life for both pets and people in our communities. When you visit the Sanctuary and witness the lifesaving love of volunteers and caregivers for the animals, it will refresh your soul. Whether you only have time for the Grand Tour to get a big-picture look at the Sanctuary, which sprawls along a six-mile road, or you have time for the focused tours in different parts of the Sanctuary, or you do hands-on volunteering, it is sure to be a one-of-a kind of experience. Being that person who gets a shy dog to take a treat for the very first time; brushing a cat who is finally relaxed enough to sunbathe after being rescued from a bad situation; finding the “sweet scratch spot” on a potbellied pig’s side that makes the pig lay down in joy and beg for a belly rub; wandering through the Gratitude Garden to the meditative labyrinth walk; or eating a plant-based lunch on the deck at Angel Cafe that overlooks Angel Canyon, you will find yourself recharged. And at the end of your Best Friends day, what could be better than spending the night at Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile in Kanab? The Roadhouse is the premier pet-centric accommodation and your stay helps support Best Friends’ lifesaving work. If you are traveling with your pet, the Roadhouse friendly ambassadors can help arrange a pet sitter while you are touring or volunteering at the Sanctuary. Or they can arrange a slumber party with a Sanctuary cat or dog to make your evening extra special. Visit to find out more. While planning your Kanab getaway, go to to secure your spot on one of the free Best Friends tours and/or register to volunteer at the Sanctuary (openings fill up fast). Don’t be surprised if you find yourself planning your next trip back to Best Friends and Kanab before you go home.

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These adorable puppies are waiting to be adopted at Best Friends. Photo by Best Friends Staff.

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