Maynard Dixon

Maynard Dixon Home and Studio

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By Dixie Brunner

“At last I shall give myself to the desert again, that I am its golden dust,” wrote western artist Maynard Dixon.

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The Maynard Dixon home and studio are open for tours during the summer.

The desert was Dixon’s first love, as evidenced by the late artist’s famous work. Dixon painted western life for over 50 years. Through paintings, murals, drawings and illustrations, he communicated the beauty and grandeur of its deserts, mountains, canyons and valleys, and recorded the life of its Indians and settlers. He dedicated his life and art to celebrate the American West.

When the famed artist sought serenity and heat relief from their Tucson, Arizona home in 1939, it was in nearby Mt. Carmel where Dixon settled. He and wife Edith Hamlin built a summer home and studio in a peaceful setting among cottonwood trees and along a stream running through a verdant meadow. They were attracted by the magnificent vistas, colorful sandstone cliffs and the area’s celebrated cloud formations.

The couple’s dream was to create a place where they could work on their art, and invite artist friends to partake in the beauty of the Utah landscape. Fortunate were the creative individuals who received the invitation and opportunity to work and spend time at the inspirational property.

The Maynard Dixon Home and Studio is committed to Dixon’s original goal of fostering a new generation of artistic creativity. Tours are scheduled daily.

The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit foundation whose mission includes the preservation and maintenance of the Dixon home and property in Mt. Carmel.

The Bingham Gallery, also on the property, features incredible works by Maynard Dixon, Jack Hillers and others.

For more information and events, please check out their website at

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