Rocks of Ages – Stay for the Geology, Geography and ... a 150th Birthday!

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By Dixie Brunner

You will be astounded by the beauty of southern Utah. The geology of rock formations and different colors of stone lay out a varied and instant color palette of grays, reds and pinks. Sunlight and moonlight can catch different shadows and put light on them, making them change at different times of the day or night. And all these rocks of ages make up some of the most astounding geography you’ve ever seen. Tall mountains, lush forests, beautiful water bodies, sand dunes and slot canyons, just to name a few of the scenic wonders that make up southern Utah. Visitors come to enjoy not only the amazing national and state parks nearby, but the uncrowded, off-the-beaten path places where you can breathe fresh air, hike, get back to nature and recharge your emotional battery! That’s why we hope you will enjoy our Rocks of Ages! In addition to rocks, we have a great ‘water feature!’ Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is nearby, featuring Lake Powell, the second largest man-made lake in North America with 1,960 miles of shoreline, as well as Rainbow Bridge National Monument and Horseshoe Bend Overlook! This beautiful land has a rich human history as well. Native Americans inhabited the area, as did pioneer settlers after them. The southern Utah area was also the location for hundreds of movies and TV shows, so if you catch an old western, it may seem like deja vu when visiting here. Proudly, this is a big year for Kanab, Utah. It is celebrating its 150th birthday (1870-2020)! Throughout the Sesquicentennial year, you can experience its history through locations, itineraries, stories and events. Check out: So come and stay, enjoy our scenery, wonderful restaurants, fine lodging and camping facilities. But most of all, enjoy the warm hospitality. Your vacation to southern Utah will make lifetime memories...and make sure you take a lot of pictures of our Rocks of Ages!

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The moon lurking behind the rocks on the Squaw Trail. Photo by Barry Glazier.

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