Long Valley

Long Valley-History and Community in the Rural West

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Amidst the beauty of these southern Utah canyons, you’ll discover charm in the small, rural communities of Long Valley. The communities north of Kanab have existed through the years mainly due to the vision, devotion and hard work of generations of people who settled the area, raised their families, and built lasting communities.

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The scenery in Long Valley is absolutely beautiful and makes you want to Stay Parked Here longer!

The history of southern Utah is filled with historic accounts of pioneers who braved hostile conditions to establish new settlements. The towns of Long Valley were founded in the mid-1800s by Mormon settlers, dedicated to building united and self-sufficient communities. Through their ingenuity and commitment, they laid a strong foundation for the rural way of life, which is still proudly celebrated today.

Agriculture has been a mainstay to this area’s survival and independence. Ranches and family farms spread out along the valley and into the canyons, and backyards are filled with gardens and fruit trees, many planted by early settlers.

Glendale’s Annual Apple Festival, held each fall, celebrates the harvest and honors the pioneers who planted the first orchards. Picking an apple from a tree planted so long ago is truly holding history in the palm of your hand.

For the pioneers, sharing their knowledge, tools, skills, and the foods that they grew helped the community survive. That spirit of community remains strong.

Knowledge and new ideas are shared in workshops that cover a range of topics from sustainable farming to grazing management.

Long Valley’s strong agricultural base is always evident, but never more so than during the Kane County Fair in August. This year, the Fair is on August 9-10.

Old-time fun and games, exhibits of fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, great entertainment, and livestock and small animals raised by community youth in 4H and FFA offer a glimpse at a wonderful way of life and a rich agricultural heritage.

Rural America offers a peaceful enchantment rarely found in today’s world. With history, beautiful surroundings, friendly people and amazing food to share, rural America is alive and well in Long Valley!

Stop and visit – residents want to share their favorite hikes, best fishing spots and stories of their next of kin ... so, Stay Parked Here!

Cruise into town for the Carmel Mountain Car Show on Saturday, September 28. The event begins at 10 a.m. and will be located at the East Zion Thunderbird Golf Course in Mt. Carmel Junction. There will be a variety of activities and entertainment all day long that you won’t want to miss!

Along with amazing cars, there will be vendors, food and activities for the whole family.

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