Kodachrome Basin State Park

Kodachrome State Park – Picture Perfect

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By Dixie Brunner

Make Kodachrome Basin State Park a travel destination when touring southern Utah.

Kodachrome Basin State Park : Kanab, Utah Area Guide : kanabguide.com

Kodachrome Basin State Park, just off scenic Hwy 12. Photo by Stephen Dahl.

In 1949, its red color and contrast prompted the National Geographic Society, with consent from Kodak Film Corporation, to name the park Kodachrome. 

Towering rock spires stand sentinel at the entrance of Kodachrome Basin State Park. 

Kodachrome possesses amazing photographic qualities. The huge, white limestone formations surrounding the park are tinged with the reddish hues of nearby Bryce Canyon National Park.  

Kodachrome Basin is a geologist’s delight. The towering phallic formations are actually monolithic spires, protruding from the sandstone rocks or jutting up from the valley floor. 

Geologists believe ancient springs and geysers filled up with sediment and then solidified. The spires you see today at Kodachrome Basin were left standing after the softer Entrada sandstone surrounding them eroded away.

One of the most appealing aspects of Kodachrome Basin State Park is its remote nature.

Visitors can enjoy a true western experience, far from the maddening crowds! As a little-known site, visitation is smaller, but enjoyment experiences are plenty.

Camp among the large spires surrounding the park, your kids can hike and experience the odd formations – up close and personal. 

Nearby sites for hiking and exploration include the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Grosvenor Arch (10 miles southeast of Kodachrome), Cottonwood Canyon, and the Paria River area. There are plenty of places to recreate memories. 

The park offers travelers a more private location for hiking, camping, biking or horseback riding. Facilities include a 27-unit campground, with two large group areas suitable for family outings. Each campsite has a barbecue grill, picnic table, and fresh spring water and firewood are available.

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