Greyhound Gathering

Do you Shivoo?

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By Claudia Presto

 The sighthounds coming to Kanab May 17-19, 2019, will show you how when they Parade down Center Street in all their finery, become Blurs of Fur at the Kanab Elementary School, Chalk & Talk to any bystander who wants to, and just be their most beauteous and bold selves.

Greyhound Gathering : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

You may see a Dragonhound at the costumed Parade on saturday. Photo by Greyhound Gang.

Sighthounds are dogs that hunt by sight, and include greyhounds, whippets, Italian greyhounds, Scottish deerhounds, borzoi, afghans, galgos and others. They can see up to a mile away, so the people who love them are very careful to have them on leashes or in fenced areas. Their streamlined bodies – some say skinny – are built for speed, though their favorite pastime is finding the softest couch or bed in your home. They are lovingly referred to as 45 mph couch potatoes.

A Shivoo is a boisterous party in Aussie-speak.

Formerly Greyhound Gathering-Kanab, this effervescent event celebrates its 20th anniversary, as it has been happening in Kanab since 1999.

On Friday, May 17, from 9-11 a.m. we are having a sidewalk Chalk Festival. Hounds will lounge on fluffy dog beds, and watch their people render them in chalk.

On Saturday, May 18, at 10 a.m. is our costumed Parade – a true ‘sight’ to behold. Music, laughter and Shivoo for all ages.

On Sunday, May 19 from 9-11 a.m. is our Blur of Fur when our beloved hounds chase their humans down a strip of grass while being clocked by radar by our Chief of Police.

Do join us for fun and frolic during this three-day fun-draising event to help hounds everywhere find forever homes.

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