Skatepark / Pumptrack

Jacob Hamblin Recreational Facility

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By Dixie Brunner

You’ve spent the whole day with the family touring beautiful southern Utah; a long, long day … shut up in the vehicle together!

Skatepark / Pumptrack : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

The pumptrack/skatepark is a new addition to Kanab. Also notice the new basketball and tennis courts in the background.

Let’s face it – everyone could use a little space, fresh air and recreation!

Kanab City’s Jacob Hamblin Recreational Facility, 100 East 500 North, is truly a top notch park, and a great place to unwind after a busy day on vacation.

The recreational space is located directly below Kanab’s signature towering red rocks, on the north central border of the community.

Immediately south of the red hills are four improved baseball fields.

The attractive Jacob Hamblin Park features plenty of trees and green lawn, with a playground, splash pad, and picnic area with grills.

There is a large, modern public swimming pool that offers slides and a lazy river to cool off in the summertime.

There are new tennis/ pickleball courts to the north of the Kanab City Library, with a six hoop basketball court immediately north of that. Continue northbound on that same road and you see a strange-looking structure that features mounds of dirt covered with an asphalt track going up and down, over said mounds in a circle... a pumptrack.

The pumptrack is used to condition and prepare mountain bike riders for the steep nearby terrain. A skatetrack is within the pumptrack, featuring numerous jumps, curves and rails, all for the popular activities of roller or board skating.

New this year is a covered structure in an amphitheater setting, with green, landscaped sloping areas for seating surrounding a stage for live shows and entertainment.

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