Ticaboo on Lake Powell

Stay Parked at Ticaboo on Lake Powell

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By Mark Havnes

Hidden away near the north shore of Lake Powell is a jewel of recreational opportunities. Known as Ticaboo, it’s in the center of the north Lake Powell region where Kane, San Juan and Garfield counties meet.

Ticaboo on Lake Powell : Kanab, Utah Area Guide : kanabguide.com

A family enjoys swimming and boating on Lake Powell by Ticaboo.

The population of the miniscule village hovers at about 35 permanent residents, but swells in the summer as thrill seekers and nature lovers descend on Ticaboo Lodge. They use the facility as a base of operations for red rock adventures and water sports on the lake.

A Paiute word meaning “friendly,” Ticaboo is growing in popularity as more desert rats discover its stunning features and remote location away from tour buses and more congested southern Utah attractions.

“We are extremely isolated, but there’s a lot of cool stuff here,” said Ray Golden, who manages operations.

Along with the 72-room lodge are a swimming pool, restaurants, one that specializes in smoked meats, and a trading post with a convenience store.

The business also operates an off-shore marina that can launch and retrieve any size boat.

The resort also offers boat rentals as well as ATV, kayak, paddleboat and bicycle rentals. Along with an information center, guided hiking and canyoneering tours into the surrounding area, including the Henry Mountains, are available, as are rockhounding trips and opportunities to view ancient rock art panels.

The resort has recently been awarded the concessionaire contract for Hite Marina and this year will offer jet-ski excursions to Cataract and Dark Canyons.

The National Park Service has recently put $800,000 worth of improvements into the boat launch at Hite, along with a new campground and improvements to the RV park.

Some visitors to Ticaboo are also interested in visiting the Mars Desert Research Station, started by space entrepreneur Elon Musk and operated by the Mars Society. The compound is intended to train researchers for what it might be like to someday live and work on the surface of Mars. Ticaboo does not offer tours to the research complex, but it does have information and directions for those wanting to see it.

For more information, visit  ticaboo.com and mdrs.marssociety.org/about-the-mdrs/

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