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By Tiffany Unsworth

Jim Spielman grew up in Buffalo, New York, always surrounded by the sounds of street cars and city life. He had never experienced the feeling of being completely immersed in nature. Not, that is, until he came to Kanab. We had the opportunity to guide Jim and his wife Joan to many beautiful areas, but one spot stands out. Cory Unsworth, co-owner of Kanab Tour Company, took Jim and Joan to a remote peak where nothing man-made could be seen. The opportunity to sit in an off-road vehicle and climb mountains was a thrilling prospect to them. Jim suffers from peripheral neuropathy, a condition that requires him to use a cane or walker, and he simply can’t get out on the trails on foot. Therefore, he couldn’t stop smiling as they ascended the red cliffs. Cory stopped the vehicle, and the group just sat in silence for a few moments.   “What is this?” Jim asked, referring to the stillness that was all around them. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” From the time he was a little boy, he couldn’t remember being surrounded by natural silence and peace. He had never gone up a mountain before because he physically couldn’t. Never breathed in the clear, fresh air that can only be found in places remote. And something happened to Jim in that moment. He was refreshed. He was renewed. His disability didn’t go away, but inside, he experienced a healing change. And we felt grateful, so grateful, to witness that change.  That experience, and many more of a similar nature, have reaffirmed to us the power that is found in this beautiful place. Guiding people to beautiful places is more than a business for us. It is a life mission. We strongly feel, because we have seen it a myriad of times, that getting outside changes people. It blesses relationships.It helps visitors clear their heads. It often causes us to rethink our purpose and direction. And, let’s face it, it is really fun.   Why would a guest to this area consider a guided experience? A few reasons come to mind: • We can keep you safe. Our off-road vehicles and driving experience allow visitors to enjoy the scenery and not the mechanics of getting from here to there.   • We have knowledge of the area. You can maximize your precious vacation time by hiring someone who can teach you along the way and make sure you hit all of the highlights! • We help you make memories. We are here to ensure that you take home treasured experiences and photographs of a time when you felt like you were on top of the world. And, considering our current world conditions, we could all use memories like that.  Whether you choose Kanab Tour Company or one of the many wonderful guiding outfits in the area, we know that you will find the secrets nature has held for us all along: “When you get outside, you are healed inside.”

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Amazing views all around us. Photo by Jill Williams.

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