Hey Southern Utah Visitors – Take a Hike

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By Dixie Brunner

What used to be an admonition is now something we hope people tell us ... especially when visiting here!

Introduction : Kanab, Utah Area Guide :

The Milky Way above Eagle Eye Arch. Photo by David Swindler.

While it’s true we have some of the most beautiful, breathtaking national and state parks in the entire country, which we encourage you to visit, there’s so much more this area has to offer.

If you want to really experience the incredible scenic beauty that is southern Utah, the best way is to get off the beaten path and go to the places less traveled. You have many options available to you for taking adventures like these – mountain biking, horse riding, ATVing, and our favorite – taking a hike!

Hiking not only offers great health benefits, but it’s a good way to de-stress after a long day in the car. It’s difficult to be grumpy when out in the glorious sunshine and fresh air, all the while enjoying the contrast of the beautiful vermillion cliffs against the azure blue skies. There’s a new vista around every corner!

And the good news is you don’t have to be a marathon man to participate in this healthy recreation here! There are long and short hikes for every level of fitness. Grandparents can recreate with the grandchildren, people can hike with their pets, serious athletes can be stimulated by arduous uphill climbs. There really is a something for everyone!

For more information on local and county hiking trails, the Kane County Office of Tourism and Visitor Center has an extensive display of hiking information and maps. The friendly staff there will be happy to help you select a hike appropriate to you and your family’s fitness levels or interests.

Then, after a long day of fresh air, exercise and sunshine, who wouldn’t be ready for a delicious meal and some good music and western entertainment? Southern Utah is rapidly becoming a foodie destination and boasts gourmet restaurants, great eating places and night time entertainment.

We are proud of the southern Utah area we call home, and we’re so happy that you’ve come to visit. But never mind that right now, you need to discover all this for yourself – Take a Hike!

New to our guide this year is a special section featuring interesting scenic and historic destinations reached by traveling north of Kane County, into Garfield County on Highway 89 and on the extraordinary Scenic Byway 12. For more information on things to do along this northern route, check with the Garfield Office of Tourism at 555 Main Street in Panguitch.

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